Etiquette Dinner


Etiquette Dinner flyer coming soon!

October 5, 2016 & April 5, 2017
5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Stackner Ballroom, Campus Center

Come to the Etiquette Dinner and find the answers to these questions and more:

What is the first and most fundamental rule to etiquette?

Why might a fork or spoon be placed above your plate?

When deciding what to wear to a business lunch or dinner, which two people should you keep in mind?

2016 Testimonies:   

“I believe the Etiquette Dinner is a great event. It allows a student to learn everything there is and more about a business and/or formal dinner. The speaker seemed to be very knowledgeable of how to act at a formal dinner. Overall, the Etiquette Dinner offers a great learning experience for all students.”
– Cory Lang, Class of 2016

“Thank you very much for taking the time to host, plan, and sponsor such a wonderful event. I enjoyed having a lovely meal with my peers, as well as learning the art of etiquette. I have been looking forward to attending this event for the past three years, and I’m glad I finally had the chance.”
– Heather Berg, Class of 2016



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